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D.markis is a reputable Music Artist who began their exciting musical voyage of artistic discovery in 2021. Since then, they’ve used constant collaboration and experimental sound exploration to shape the signature sound that echoes with his inspiration from life experiences.
D.Markis is a multifaceted musical artist who sings, writes, and plays the acoustic guitar. Born in Dallas, TX, he sang in the famous Trinity Gospel Choir, on stage in theater productions, and multiple vocal groups around the country.

"Seazyns," D.Markis' first full length album, features his signature storytelling and warm vocals. “Ordinary” is about falling for someone, with an up tempo, layered sound that matches the excitement of new attraction. The acoustic song "Seasons" evokes the theme of nature to meditate on human nature in relationships. He sings, "Springtime, summer, winter fall, can I love you through it all?" The vocals gently dance with these words, creating a melody that is enchanting.

D.Markis writes lyrics that draw on introspection, but are accessible and insightful. The music is a soulful palette that sounds like something you could listen to on a summer day or when you’re out after the sun goes down. 

They find inspiration wherever they look and channel whatever moves them into their music.

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